Anita Prevo

In one form or another I have been in the medical profession all of my life, beginning with:
Western Catheter - involved with manufacturing and distribution of heart catheter needles.
Stim Tech - were transcutaneous muscle and nerve stimulators, now called TENS Units. Involved teaching patients how to use attached electrodes on different neural pathways to alleviate pain and how to operate the unit.
Seven years of college - was focused on becoming a Physical Therapist.
Six years of working with Physical Therapists at three different hospitals resulting in approximately 3000 hours of experience.

I took time to raise a family and changed focus from Physical Therapy to Certified Massage Therapist.

Education continued at Colorado School of Healing Arts to become a Certified Massage Therapist which included:
- 700 hour certification program
- Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) program with focus on medical modalities which included certifications of:
* Lymphatic Drainage Massage
* Craniosacral Therapy
* Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy

My philosophy about massage is to make you as comfortable as possible while reducing your pain. I believe it is wrong and unnecessary to increase your pain levels in order to achieve the goal of healing. I have found that it is necessary to work through the layers of skin, fascia, and muscle with a gentle but firm pressure to allow your body the freedom to heal properly. I'm in the business of retraining your muscles to return to a healthy state.


"A misdiagnosis provided me with increased pain and resulting scar tissue.
It has been a long and difficult road to reverse a considerable dysfunction.
Anita has been a lifesaver in this process with her patience, knowledge,
and ability. She loves her profession and it shows in the results of her
patients." Linda L., Castle Rock, CO

"The Touch: I've been going to Anita for over two years and honestly
she's amazing! I always leave feeling revitalized. Because of this I've
referred her to many friends and family." Steven B., Parker, CO

"I was referred by a massage therapist and friend to Anita Prevo. Anita took the time to talk to me about my spinal cord injury and had a very knowledgeable and compassionate approach. She has decreased my pain and reminds me that consistent massage is vital to my well-being and healing. I trust her inside my home and she is always patient and attentive. She is highly professional and has helped me understand massage on a whole new level. Thanks Anita!"
Nichole C., Highlands Ranch, CO

"My name is Jim and I am a patient of Anita Prevo, Certified Massage Therapist, and CMT Services. I had many injuries from a very bad fall. I have had three surgeries and many months of rehab. The constant shooting pain and stiffness in my neck and back was intolerable. Anita was referred to me by one of the best neurosurgeons in Colorado. My doctor was confident that Anita could help me through a process referred to as "deep tissue rehabilitation and therapy." Her skill has been very important to my healing process. She has helped reduce my neck and back pain a minimum of 65%. She is a professional that knows what is causing the pain and has the skill to do something about it. It is a pleasure to have Anita on my team."
Jim G., Castle Rock, CO





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